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South Africa is a hunter’s dream

South Africa is a hunter's dream - Deserted road into Cederberg nature reserve

When you start speaking to a hunter, you hear the joy and love for their past-time. You always find out what they have hunted and where they were very successful with wonderful memories and stories that go with it; but most of all, they always mention that they want to go and hunt in South Africa.  This is the life-long dream of an avid and passionate hunter. The pull to hunt in South Africa is inescapable to most hunters, they cannot just hope or dream to go, and they need to go. Why? Because South Africa is a hunter’s dream.

Not only does South Africa have many interesting and indigenous animals, but the terrain that goes with it can be even more breath-taking. The terrain differs all over the country, where you can hunt in the bushveld, in the northern parts of the country, to vast open grasslands in the central part of the country. There are also mountainous regions to give the passionate hunter more of a challenge, as well as more tropical areas close to the coast. Hunting in South Africa offers diverse hunting experiences and any hunter can be accommodated in this beautiful country.

Scores of hunters come to South Africa as we have so many different species to choose from. Here in the bushveld at Matlabas Game Hunters we have some magnificent trophies for any hunter. Our hunting is conducted in private conservation land which promises fair chase and ethical hunting. The variety of species ensures hunting opportunities on most hunting days; and regularly provides the hunter with a pleasant surprise.

Another true pulling power of why so many hunters come to hunt in South Africa; is because we have the Big 5. These are magnificent creatures that many people just dream of seeing, but only a few get to hunt them. When hunting these animals, there are an added rush of adrenalin and a greater awakening of the bush around you, as you realise that you yourself might be hunted. Accepting this challenge brings great rewards.

Many hunters return again and again to South Africa, as they might not have gotten everything on their list the first time, or now they want to complete a specific challenge such as the spiral horned challenge. But one thing is true; they always tend to pace themselves, unintentionally enhancing their experience and appreciation of South Africa’s beauty.

Most hunts conducted in South Africa are good, but some hunting trips are just better than others . Matlabas Game Hunters has an excellent reputation and is highly regarded by those who have hunted with us. Some trips are more rewarding and more satisfying in the memories that have been made. It is not only about the hunt and the animals you get; it’s about the country, the people, the cultures and travels that make it even more memorable. The best part of travelling and hunting in South Africa is being able to share these memories with friends and family; even more so if they can travel with you. Many outfitters will also be able to put you in contact with capable travel agents if you wish to do some more sightseeing and travelling once in South Africa. Most hunters boast that the best times they had in South Africa was when they had their families travelling and making memories with them.

So now that you know why so many hunters travel overseas to come to South Africa to hunt, why don’t you book your next hunting trip with us?



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