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Frequently Asked Questions

What bow and arrow setup do I need for hunting African plains game?

The short answer is that a minimum draw weight of at least 50lbs and a total arrow weight of 400 grains should be sufficient for many African species. We do not recommend using mechanical broadheads for African game, but prefer fixed-blade broadheads. For a more detailed explanation on Kinetic energy, Momentum and Recommended Bow Requirements, please click here.

When is the best time of the year to hunt in South Africa?

We start our hunting season in April and end in October. Early in the season is usually better for spot-and-stalk hunting. Late rains may make an early season hunt a bit more difficult, as can early rains late in the season.

What will the weather be like?

South Africa has, for the most part, a summer rainfall, stretching from October to March. Thus the chances of encountering rain during the hunting season is minimal. South Africa also has a very temperate climate with temperatures ranging from 35°F to 50°F (2°C to 10°C) during the early mornings and evenings and 53°F to 82°F (12°C to 28°C) during the peak of the day, depending on the time of year, with June and July being the coldest months. Colder days might also be expected from time to time. It is thus advisable to bring warm clothing that can be stripped off as the days get warmer.

Do I need malaria medication or get any vaccinations before visiting South Africa?

No vaccinations are required for visiting South Africa, but we recommend you consult with your doctor before your trip. We are situated in a malaria-free area and malaria medication is not needed, unless a safari is scheduled to a specific area where malaria might be a danger, in which case we will advise accordingly. AIDS has reached epidemic proportions in Africa, and although it is not something to worry about, intimate contact with the natives is strongly discouraged.

Do I need to worry about snakes and spiders?

No. Our hunting season is during the colder winter months when snakes are mostly inactive. Although there are snakes around, you will be lucky to even see one. Spiders and other insects are around, but are quite harmless.