I grew up near Rustenburg and I usually spent the school holidays in the Marico Bushveld, unless there were rugby or athletic commitments elsewhere. As a youngster I often hiked with my father and grandfather in the Marico, looking for strayed cattle. There were few roads and I thought it was the most beautiful place on earth. But the only antelope left there in those days were kudu and rhebok. Hunting has always been part of my life since I started as a kid with a .22 in the Marico. In my childhood days my friends and I also made our own traditional bows and arrows. This was long before the days of compound bows. Our hunts were seldom successful but was always a great adventure.

During my schoolboy years I also spent much time exploring the Magaliesberg mountain range. These were fantastic times. I guess I was always interested in the outdoors, the wildlife, the trees and all the other wonders of the natural world.

After school I went to the city – not to study so much but rather to play rugby. Later on I had quite a successful corporate career but always knew that I would end up in the Bushveld. To be able to now live in the bush amongst all the animals, trees, shrubs, grasses and birds is one huge blessing for which I cannot be thankful enough.

Willem Frost

Willem Frost

Author & Owner of Matlabas Game Hunters


The Antelope of Africa
Written & Compiled by Willem Frost

This is the definitive guide to the antelope of Africa with photographs and distribution maps. But it is more than the typical field guide (which is too cryptic to my liking); it’s a comprehensive work covering all of Africa’s antelope species and subspecies. It describes the physical features, the latest taxonomic classifications, habitat requirements and feeding, the conservation status and concludes with some interesting general notes. In many instances the ‘discovery’ of the species, or its introduction to the scientific world, is described. The introductory/background section provides an introduction to the reasons for the diversity of African antelopes, their taxonomy, feeding habits (including the functioning of the ruminant digestive system), defence mechanisms, territorial behaviour, the great migrations, the annual rut, the differences between deer and antelope, the bushmeat crisis, the conservation status and risks being faced by antelopes, the role of hunting, the potential of farming with antelopes, and eco-tourism.

The book contains one of the most comprehensive collections of antelope photographs yet published.

This easy-to-read work is a must for all wildlife enthusiasts, naturalists, conservationists and hunters.
358 pages. Softcover.


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