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Why we hunt in winter in South Africa

Bitumen road savanna

There are always many reasons to go on a hunting safari for a vacation; but we have some spectacular reasons for you to book a safari with Matlabas Game Hunters.

There is absolutely no better time to enjoy game viewing and hunting than in winter (June – September), in South Africa at Matlabas Game Hunters, as the bush thins out and loses its colour, improving visibility considerably. There is limited tall grass for the animals to hide in, and they also tend to congregate more around the waterholes and rivers, which makes spotting them in winter a breeze. There is also a limited amount of food and water which also means that the animals are in the open more as they hunt and drink at the waterhole, or coming in for feed at the feeding points.

Matlabas Game Hunters can get cold in the early winter mornings, and starts heating up as the day goes on, so be sure to dress in layers. Remember: binoculars, sturdy closed shoes, a sun hat, gloves, camera, and neutral coloured clothing because then you will blend in with the environment and be able to see so much more. The wind should be blowing a bit stronger in the winter months, which can give you a bit more cover while hunting and walking and stalking.

When a hunter wants to take a rest from sitting in the blind the whole day or from walking and stalking, the cooler weather is fantastic for hiking. The weather in winter makes this activity a much more pleasant outdoor experience. There are so many places here at Matlabas Game Hunters that you can walk, and really get up close to the animals.

It is beneficial if you do a little bit of research of the area you are going to as South Africa’s ranches and reserves have a lot more to offer than simply the Big Five. Make a list of all of the animals you’d like to see or hunt, such as zebra, hippo, giraffe, and warthog, as well as the little known Small Five (Buffalo Weaver, Elephant Shrew, Leopard Tortoise, Ant Lion, Rhino Beetle). When you have a full list, you can speak to your outfitter to ensure you have the chance to see them or obtain them all. There are specific animals that occur naturally in some provinces than in others, that is why it is beneficial to have a full list.

At night we love curling up in front of the fireplace for a drink or two or for a delicious braai. While you are sitting outdoors, feeling the heat from the fire, your sense awaken to hear the different sounds of the bushveld at night, after all, you’re there to listen to the sounds of the bush and blend into nature.




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