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Namibian Rhino Hunt


Saw a short program on CNN this morning about the Namibian rhino hunt that was last year auctioned by Dallas Safari Club. CNN went along to film the hunt. That part was not bad at all, but they kept on referring to the hunt as “highly controversial”. Well, it is only controversial for those who are not conservationists or who do not understand “conservation through sustainable utilization”

Unfortunately, CNN then invited some dude from International Fund for Animal Welfare (“IFAW”) to comment on the hunt. We know that this organization is not about conservation, and they are behind some poor decisions taken by African governments. It was clear that neither CNN’s correspondents nor the IFAW has any idea about conservation through sustainable utilization. Not surprisingly, no one from a recognized conservation authority was invited to also comment on the hunt. The result: a one-sided barrage of criticism. I think this is very poor journalism.
There is also quite a bit about the plight of rhinos on CNN’s website and this is not too bad. Have a look at this to get some facts.

All of this once again underlined to me the necessity that conservationists and hunters need to urgently inform the wider public of the critical role that hunting plays in conservation. We have a huge story to tell, and if we wish to save Africa’s wildlife and wild places we better put much more urgent effort into convincing the uninformed masses of the benefits of “conservation hunting” – before it is too late.


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