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Ebola in Africa and South Africa

Ebola in Africa and South Africa

We can understand that there could be some concern amongst some of our friends in North America and Europe about the Ebola virus. Let’s put it in perspective:

  1. Africa is NOT one country – it is a huge, vast continent consisting of more than 50 independent countries;
  2. The Ebola outbreak is in West Africa (Guinea, Liberia & Senegal) which is thousands of miles away;
  3. London, Paris, Lisbon and Madrid is actually much closer to the Ebola countries in West Africa than Johannesburg, and there is also a lot more traffic between West Africa and Western Europe than between West Africa and South Africa;
  4. Not a single incident of Ebola has been reported in South Africa or any of its neighbouring countries. In fact, there is no Ebola south of the equator.
  5. The South African health authorities seem to be ready to handle the situation should an Ebola infected person enter our country;
  6. Should you visit South Africa, we will meet you upon arrival at the airport and drive you out to Matlabas Game Lodge (unless you decide to sleep over in Johannesburg on the night of arrival), thereby minimizing your contact with other people;
  7. We live here permanently and are not concerned about health risks. Although Ebola is a serious matter, there is no need to get carried away by the media hype; it is perfectly safe to come and hunt South Africa. The map below puts ebola in perspective.

Ebola Map


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