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Warthog’s rugged good looks.


The warthog is one of the less attractive species in Africa, but they are quite the amazing species. The outstanding features of the warthog would definitely be their flat face, tusks and warts; after all, that is what it’s named after.

The flat long faces enable them to still consume some vegetation while having a lookout for danger. On the elongated area of the face is space for warts to protrude.

The warts on the warthog aren’t actually warts; they are thick fleshy growths of skin. These warts are there for protection; that is why they are large and stick out drastically. They are positioned underneath the eyes as well as above the mouth; this ensures that their eyes aren’t damaged in a fight. Female warthogs have only small warts under their eyes. This is because the females do not typically fight, and do not need the same protection.

The tusks are not only used for digging up roots and bulbs for foraging; but also for defense and combat when fighting other warthogs or predators.

The lower pair of tusks, which are the shorter pair, can inflict the most damage. These tusks are sharpened every time that the warthog’s mouth opens and closes as they rub against the upper tusks. Considering that they are seen as grazers, they sharpen the tusks with ease.

When the warthog enters its burrow at night, they enter into it backwards. This ensures that they can defend themselves if something attacks them suddenly, as there strong and sharp teeth would be the first thing out of the burrow.

The next time you see a warthog, think about the purpose behind the rugged good looks.


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