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How to succesfully hunt Kudu or Gembuck

Kudu bull

So many hunters come to South Africa to hunt a big, mature kudu or gemsbok. They will spend a lot of time, speaking to other hunters who have been to South Africa and hunted kudu or gemsbok, or they will watch many YouTube videos, read hunting magazines about it and even speak to their outfitter to know what to expect to get their desired kudu. There are so many hunters out there that dream of hunting their big kudu or gemsbok, but so few actually get to do it, wondering “How to succesfully hunt Kudu”.

So why do only a few get to achieve their dream?

The answer is in being prepared and hunting extremely smart. All the reading, videos, conferences and conversations can only help you only so much; to help you discover how to get your desired big kudu. But when all is said and done, it depends on the act of getting off the couch and doing the planning for the hunt and the hunt itself.

The majority of hunters know what to do, but why do they not all succeed in getting their big kudu or gemsbok?

This is all due to the fact that human nature makes it easy for us to make up ‘good’ excuses and we have become very bad at taking action and doing what is required.
Many of our excuses are: I don’t have time. I don’t have money. The concession is too far to hunt. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. My wife says I can’t go. I am too scared to go to South Africa. There is so much administration to do before I leave. Maybe next year?

Making excuses are very easy, and they make us feel better about ourselves and our decisions. Excuses help cover up our failures or protect against anxiety and shame, because what if you come to South Africa and you don’t get your big kudu or gemsbok? It makes it easier for you to live with yourself for not dealing with the difficult stuff. We all do it; it is part of what makes us human.

Take action to get your antelope

You can’t hide from the fact that you ultimately know what needs to be done; now do it. Make the time, deal with the new challenge. Do the work, and get excited about it.

This is going to be your season; your time to shine. Get out there do the research and find the best outfitter for you. (We already know who that will be; Flippie Frost at Matlabas Game Hunters.) Actually speak to people who have been to South Africa before, as well as who have used your outfitter; references are a great indication of professional hunts. Start emailing and opening up the dialogue and build a relationship. Start saving even if it is $100 a month every penny counts. Make time for the hunt, for yourself; remember this is a dream come true. Put in for leave, now there is no turning back. Do what you need to do, to make it happen for you.

Start making a to-do list, so that you know what needs to be completed in order for you to go and get your big kudu or gemsbok. Give this same list to a very close family member or friend; so that they can keep an eye on you, just for some accountability. They will make sure that you don’t chicken out of your plan; especially when you do not feel like doing it anymore. Make sure that when that person has checked up on you, that you have ticked something off that list. You will feel so much better when you start ticking things off the list. You will feel amazing when you sit in South Africa taking your photo with your recently killed big kudu, gemsbok or any animal for that matter, because your dream became a reality.

Keep your dream alive and make it a happen; you know how.





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