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Benefits of hunting

Zebra on grassland in Africa, National park of Kenya

Hunting is not just about going out into the outdoors and getting an animal. It’s about putting healthy food on the table, spending time with like-minded people and so much more. There are so many great and lasting benefits of hunting; such as economical, social, educational and the hunters well-being. Hunting is not only a way of life; it has great benefits that help the environment and many people.

1. Environmental benefits of hunting

Hunting helps to manage the animal populations. Too many animals in an area can be devastating to the vegetation. They can also bring in many more predators making it unsafe and dangerous. Keeping populations intact also allows for stronger genes to flow in the species. The areas that are used for hunting are maintained and ensure that there is land for wild animals to thrive. Land for the wild animals is important especially with our ever expanding population. The landowner will also make sure that there is a hunting limit and that over killing doesn’t occur.

2. Economical benefits of hunting

Hunting creates many jobs. It allows lodges to exist and cater to the needs of their clients. It also allows them to hire staff and better the lives of others. Hunters need to be able to purchase the required gear for a hunting trip, allowing stores to thrive and putting money back into the economy. Many hunters also travel far for their hunting getaways. This helps, as they have to stop at restaurants, creating more jobs and job opportunities. When the hunters fill up their vehicles with fuel to get to the hunting destination, many dollars and rands go back to grow the country.

3. Educational benefits of hunting

When going out hunting you learn about safety during hunting, nature, animals and conservation. Hunting helps to develop critical thinking skills and how to handle different situations with ease. It allows and furthers creative thinking. Hunters out in nature learn about the habits of the animals they are hunting as well as their tracks and scat. All hunters in the United States have to complete a hunters’ education course, and South African gun owners have to complete a competency course. These courses ensure safety conscience people out in nature. Hunting teaches people where they fit in, in the big scheme of things, and how they can make a difference, even if it is just to recycle.

4. Health benefits of hunting

Getting some adrenaline in your blood is good for your body. It heightens your physical and mental state. When adrenalin is released it causes the liver to break down glycogen. Glycogen is needed in the muscles, for them to work. So it is overall very healthy and essential for you to boost your adrenalin once in awhile. Hunting is also a good way to get some exercise in. It helps with toning and strengthening of muscles. Hunting provides variety to your every day diet, and gives you organic food which is not pumped with hormones and antibiotics. This leads to a healthier lifestyle for you and those around you.

5. Emotional benefits of hunting

Being outdoors and in nature is very peaceful and can help calm the mind of the everyday hustle and bustle. It enables a person to rest and relax, which reduces stress making is easier to return and face the battles that lie ahead. Being outdoors allows a person to also get some Vitamin D, which helps in the boosting of your emotional levels. Emotionally you might feel more connected with something that is greater than you, which boosts morale. Being outdoors is just good for you.

6. Recreational benefits of hunting

We are social beings and we love to do things with other people. Why not spend time with loved ones in the bush and being outdoors? Sharing stories with fellow people and sitting around campfires helps build social bonds that enrich the experiences we have. Being out hunting is not only fun but it allows you to wind down and enjoy what matters most.

Whatever your reason is to hunt, be it for food, recreation or even conservation; just keep on doing it for yourself. Get out there and enjoy nature.



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Zebra on grassland in Africa, National park of Kenya

Benefits of hunting

Hunting is not just about going out into the outdoors and getting an animal. It’s about putting healthy food on the table, spending time with