Matlabas Game Hunters

Those who have not yet hunted with us, may be interested to find out what the values are behind Matlabas Game Hunters. Well, the following things are particularly important to us:

  • Ethical hunting. We are strongly committed to ethical hunting practices whether it is rifle or bow hunting, and we subscribe to PHASA’s Code of Hunting Practices. For us, the most important aspects of ethical hunting are “Fair chase” and ensuring a “quick clean kill”. Although we only wish to hunt old bulls beyond their breeding life, we certainly do not have an obsession with the measuring tape. Hunting is not a competition or sport for the biggest or the most animals; it has a much deeper meaning.
  • Conservation. We strongly believe in “Conservation through sustainable utilization” and that controlled, legal, ethical hunting has a major role to play in the conservation of Africa’s wildlife.
  • Family. We encourage family hunts and children are most welcome, also other non-hunters.
  • Respect. We expect hunters to show appropriate respect to everything making up the eco-system.
  • Pricing. Our pricing policy is to provide exceptional value for money. Our pricing is very competitive and is usually pitched just below the average for comparable destinations.
  • Nature of the experience. We believe a hunting safari is far more than just collecting the most or the biggest trophies. It is also about experiencing new habitat; learning about different species; exploring a different country and its history; being exposed to different cultures and cuisine; and  learning about 21st century Africa’s conservation challenges.
  • Friendship. We are not in the hunting business to make a quick buck. Hunting has enabled us to make new lifelong friends and today we probably have more friends overseas than within our own country.