The need for tracker dogs

A story about why we really need our tracker dogs.

Sitting in the blind, I start to daydream and truly relax in the tranquility.

tracker dogsAll of a sudden there is a large wildebeest that just came to the watering hole. I continue to wait patiently. My Professional Hunter tells me to pick up my bow and arrow and to get ready to shoot. I draw. My arrow leaves my bow. I am confident it was a great shot. A few minutes pass, and my Professional Hunter and I get out of the hide, and start tracking my wildebeest. There is a slight blood trail, but nothing that stands out. The next moment, we have nothing. What do I do now? Sit and contemplate how bad my shot actually was? No. My Professional Hunter immediately calls on the radio for the tracker dogs.

The dogs arrive with much excitement. The oldest dog has a GPS device attached to her. I was told it makes it easier to spot her and the others in the thick bush, as her little Jack Russell body can duck and dive a lot faster than what we can. My Professional Hunter follows them through the bush. I stay put and hope they find my wildebeest.

Off in the distance I hear a bark. They found my animal. A few moments later a relieved Professional Hunter and very happy and exhausted dogs return to the vehicle. Without their keen sense of smell and wonderful instinct, my wildebeest would have been lost forever. I will never underestimate them again.

I am incredibly happy. But I will continue to work on my shot placement for my next big animal in the African bush veld.