Spot-and-stalk hunting with a rifle.

What is Spot-and-stalk hunting?

There are different methods when hunting with a rifle. A very effective method we commonly employ here at Matlabas Game Hunters is spot-and-stalk hunting. We drive around to locate the herds of animals or the lone rams and bulls and once they have been located and spotted, we will continue on foot to stalk within shooting distance of our quarry. For this type of hunting, camouflage clothing is not a necessity, as shooting distances average 100-150 yards and most antelope species have relatively poor eyesight. Wearing neutral colours like green, brown and khaki, is sufficient to help one blend in to the surroundings. Animals are more likely to pick up movement, than picking out specific shapes and colours. Staying downwind of your intended prey is important, as well as keeping your movements minimal when stalking.

Tips for stalking up to an animal:

  • Keep close to your guide/PH. This will help eliminate the need to “catch up” to your PH when you need to make a quick shot.
  • Get your rifle onto the shooting sticks immediately. One often has only seconds to make a shot, and getting onto the shooting sticks quickly, might give you the extra couple of seconds you need to bag the trophy of a lifetime.
  • Watch your PH closely. Animals pick up movement easily, so knowing when to move and how to move is paramount. Watch your PH and move when he does.
  • Watch your barrel. One usually walks behind your PH and often has a tracker following behind. Make sure you always point your rifle in a safe direction, especially when walking or crawling underneath overhanging branches and through thick brush.