Photographic & Sightseeing Safaris

Southern Africa is blessed with an exeptionally rich diversity in habitat and an abundance of wildlife and birdlife. Every region has something different to offer in terms of scenery, wildlife, bird and plant species, as well as activities to keep every traveller to Africa enthralled.

The Kruger Park and other National Parks offer excellent game viewing and magnificent photographic opportunities. These are ideal places to see and photograph a variety of animals, from the huge (elephant, giraffe, hippo) to the elusive (leopard, cheetah, wild dog), the majestic (kudu, nyala, eland, sable) to the tiniest (steenbok, duiker, grysbok). The birdlife is spectacular, with hundreds of species ranging in colour from plain brown/grey to every colour in the rainbow.

The battlefields in Kwazulu-Natal and the Freestate Provinces offer a look into the history of South Africa, where the Boers, the British and the Zulus came to heads.

The Drakensberg mountains offer spectacular scenery.

A trip into the Kalahari or Namib will showcase the beauty if the desert lanscapes.

The Cape Winelands offer a look into South Africa’s rich wine making history, which was introduced by the French Hugenots. South Africa produces some really excellent wines, both for the export and local markets.