How to shoot a bow and arrow.

Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow.

Step 1: Understand that the bow will not fall out of your hand. Instead let the bow rest in the fleshy part of your hand, between the thumb and fore finger. Gently wrap your fingers around, make sure your hand is relaxed and not clenched.
Step 2: When you are holding your bow and the string is pulled back, see if you can wiggle your fingers; this will show you if they have less tension in them. If you start grabbing onto your bow, you stand the chance to increase the torque on your bow. Practice this, until you get comfortable with it.
Step 3: While holding the bow up, turn your bow arm out a little. Your elbow will be facing away from you, this helps with your form, as well as minimising bruising when the string comes flying past. When doing this, it might help to imagine you are pulling your shoulder blades together at the back. It will decrease the tension in your arms.
Step 4: When you are working on your back tension, remember that your body should be straight, not leaning to the one side or the other. You need to be able to not feel strain on your sides while pulling back on your bow.
Step 5: When you have reached your draw length, take a breath, relax in this position and get ready to pull your release.
Step 6: When you use your release, the movement needs to be a smooth, so that it doesn’t move your string or bow around. This will help to make your shot more efficient.
Step 7: Pull your release.
Step 8: After pulling the release, do not drop your bow or move your head. Keep focusing forward. See how the arrow flies through the air to your target, this is known as follow through. It helps to make sure your arrow is flying without disturbances.