Archery hunting:

Bowhunting is our speciality and is the only form of hunting allowed on our Matlabas property. Hunting is generally undertaken from strategically placed blinds and treestands over waterholes, feeding spots and well used game trails. Bowhunters can expect constant action at the waterholes and close range shooting to ensure quick, clean kills. The blinds are placed in such a way that shots over 20 yards would rarely be needed.

Spot-and-stalk hunting is welcomed for those who are up to the challenge, although shot distances may be up to 60 yards. Getting close to African game animals can be quite a challenge, but this is the ultimate form of hunting and is very rewarding.

Although most of our clients hunt with compound bows, we also welcome traditional archers.

No permits are required for temporarliy importing archery equipment into South Africa.

Click here for our recommendations on bow setups and gear.

Rifle hunting:

Although we specialize in bowhunting, hunters wishing to hunt with a rifle, handgun or muzzleloader, are most welcome. We have procured the best hunting concessions in the area for those who wish to experience Africa with a gun in hand. All hunting is done on foot (spot-and-stalk). We DO NOT hunt from the back of vehicles or from blinds (exceptions may be made for handicapped hunters). Shot distances may vary from 50 to 150 yards, but our guides are experienced enough to get you close enough to a distance you’d be comfortable with with your weapon of choice.

Temporary Import Permits are required when bringing rifles, handguns and muzzleloaders into South Africa and it is advisable to obtain the permits well in advance. We also have rifles to rent for those who do not wish to go through the importation process.

We recommend making use of PHASA’s “Temporary Firearm Import Permit” service to obtain the necesarry import permits for your firearms.

All hunting is undertaken in the spirit of fair chase (which means the animal should have the opportunity and the inclination to get away) and within our framework of ethical hunting practices.


Hunt for Guinea fowl, francolin, doves, ducks and geese. This is the perfect way to finish off a hunting safari. There are certain bag limits for certain species throughout the hunting season. Shotguns and ammunition will be supplied. More information is available on request.


End your safari with some relaxing time next to one of the Limpopo Province’s many streams, rivers or dams. Fishing for Barb, Carp, Catfish, Kurper, Yellowfish, Mudfish and others is one way to spend the days after finishing a hunt early. Special Trout fishing, Tiger fishing, Bass fishing and Saltwater fishing trips can also be arranged on request.